Okunade Abiodun – Thriving as a UI and UX Designer

April 5, 2021

Today’s episode is really Unique and different as we are joined by the Amazing Abiodun Fiwa, Fiwa is a design facilitator, Senior Product Designer and Figma Africa Ambassador. She Currently leads the product design team in her company. She is the founder of Perxels Design School, a school that is solely focused on training beginners and intermediates UI-UX designers to grow and thrive in the industry. Perxels was borne from the desire to help designers understand and apply design principles with ease in practical ways.

In this episode we talk all about thriving as a UI and UX Designer. Success is not a mistake, it requires hard-work and consistency. Learning is going to take some time, be ready to follow the process. You will not understand the entire concepts at one go, pace yourself. Growth does not happen in a day.

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Links mentioned:
Perxels https://perxels.com/
Fiwa on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/OkunadeAbiodun2
Perxels on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/perxels


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