Episode 063 – What to consider before learning a new Framework

December 7, 2018

Today’s Guest is Phenomenal, He is a Software Developer, Chief Operation Officer and Customer Relationship Manager at PowerShop.NG, Mr. Hayatu Abubakar He shared with us his intro story into the world of tech, we talked about how to decide what Framework/Language to learn and how to stay focused in a tech world filled with New Trends and buzz words. Do listen, share with a friend and have an Amazing Weekend!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
 Getting started; break your big goals into manageable bits and start there
 Don’t get carried away by buzz words and trends, your needs should determine what you focus on and learn
 Effective communication is key to better working relationships among Team Members and Clients
 Experiment a lot, find out what you are good at and enjoy doing;
 In learning; always build on what you have learnt, finds ways to bring the bits you learnt together; see how they fit in your bigger picture
 How to manage Teams and more in today’s episode

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Show Notes:
Hayatu on Twitter – https://twitter.com/hayatu89
PowerShop.NG on Twitter – https://twitter.com/powershopNG


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