Episode 061 – Brand Strategy and Positioning!

November 23, 2018

Today’s Guest is Phenomenal, He is the founder and CEO Butler Branding, joining us is Mr. Sean Tambagahan, He shared his journey into the world of design and business, we took a dip dive and reversed engineered on the principles responsible for his transitioning into providing strategy for clients. Learning to do Brand Strategy for Clients can help Agencies and Freelancers transition from order takers to becoming part of creating real business solutions for Clients. Do listen, share with a friend and have an Amazing Weekend!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
 Don’t be scared about transitioning and pivoting as a business; this is change embrace it
 You need to be clear as a business about the value you actually provide to clients;
 Transition to solving business challenges and use design as a means to solve these business challenges helps your brand positioning
 Having a one on one relationship with a Mentor and being in environments that foster growth are definitely helpful for growth and positioning
 Find out in today’s episode; To niche or not to niche down As an Agency/Freelancer
 Don’t over think things, don’t be paralyzed by the analysis; go out and execute on your dreams

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Show Notes:
Follow Mr. Sean Tambagahan on Instagram – https://instagram.com/seantamba
Follow Butler Branding on Instagram – https://instagram.com/butlerbranding
Butler Branding’s Website – https://www.butlerbranding.com/
Butler Branding’s YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/ButlerWebandDesign


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