Episode 058 – Intentionally build Your Networks

November 2, 2018

Today’s Guest is a Python and JavaScript Fullstack Developer, joining us is Mr. Mahmoud Tokura, He shared his intro story into the world of tech and also gave us amazing nuggets and principles that has served and worked for him as a Freelancer and much more. Do listen, share with a friend and have Fun!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
 Until you can teach something, you are not really good at it.
 When launching out as a freelancer your biggest asset is your network; intentionally build meaningful relationships
 Meet-ups, conferences and events play an important role. Learn to leverage on these
 Having a business plan will give you some guidance and a high level overview of your business model
 The client cares for the solution you provide, not the tools or frameworks you use. What matters is the efficiency of the solution you provide
 Your experiences even outside the world of tech can serve you as a business person, find ways to connect the dot.

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Show Notes:
Follow Mr. Mahmoud Tokura on Twitter – https://twitter.com/MahmoudTokura

Tutorial Purgatory on Medium – https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-escape-tutorial-purgatory-as-a-new-developer-or-at-any-time-in-your-career-e3a4b2384a40


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