Episode 052 – Patience is a Skill

September 7, 2018

Today’s Guest is an amazing professional, He is an Entrepreneur, a brand consultant, a Creative Thinker and the Mind behind Mascot Art House and Ifiok Beyond Design Learning Community, He is the Phenomenal Godwin Akpan, starting out as a passionate cartoonist and Cart maker, the love for design and creativity motivated him to take leaps in career. He shared his journey and lessons his picked along the way with us on today’s episode. Do listen and don’t forget to subscribe on your podcasting app.

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Don’t get satisfied or stagnated at any level you find yourself in career
Don’t hold on to old ways and habits that limit or stunt your growth
Patience is a Skill; creativity takes time
Patience works with critical thinking, this should not be misconstrued for slow pace of delivery
Be strategic about rejections, see it as a curve in the learning process and it also contributes to your portfolio
Contributing to the growth of Communities will make the industry thrive

Demystifying myths
The Myth that we cannot be united in the creative industry is wrong. Currently with IBD Community I am working to demystify this myth. The goal is to make it possible for anyone to learn and get to any height in the industry. It is possible to get into the industry, learn and with time become a professional.
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Show Notes:
Godwin Akpan on Social – https://www.facebook.com/mascotwin
Mascot Art House – https://www.facebook.com/mascotarthouse/
Ifiok Beyond Design Community – https://www.facebook.com/ifiokbeyonddesign/


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