Episode 050 – Entreneurship “always” demands more

August 24, 2018

Today’s Guest is Phenomenal, we have joining us Abdulhakim Haliru, he is a Software Developer,  Tech Evangelist, Co-Organizer for WeCodeNG, he is the CTO of Leproghrammeen and a serial entrepreneur. Today he shares with us his story and lessons he has picked from a really long career in technology.
“Do note that you will not have all the answers at the beginning, but ignorance is not an excuse. Be ready to walk the talk, it takes a lot to be successful, be ready for eventualities. How prepared you are determines how you react to situations.”

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Even our mistakes shape our paths, it adds up. Our success story is a product of our experiences
Learn emotional intelligence, it does a lot for your career and business
Have values, ethics play a major role in the decisions we make and who we become
It takes an inordinate amount of effort to make an impact in the market place or in career. Consistency will help you standout.
Don’t focus on the buzz words or hype, learn to kill the noise
Business skill, people skill, there is also an element of marketing needed; evaluate your strengths and weakness before starting out in business
Because you have failed at one thing, doesn’t mean you are a failure.

Demystifying myths
The Myth that the entrepreneur’s path is easy is wrong; this makes a lot of people jump on the entrepreneurship bandwagon and they are not ready to do what it takes. Technology is profitable and attractive, but you need to do a lot of work and also you need to have an open mind to learning. Learn to fail fast and learn to laugh at yourself. You need to be prepared and understand what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

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Show Notes:
LeProghrammeen – http://www.leproghrammeen.com/
Follow Abdulhakim on Twitter – @ https://twitter.com/hakeemhal


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