Episode 040 – The Business of Branding

June 14, 2018

Today’s Guest is the one and only Yox the Professor,  He is a legend, an Author, a Brand Strategist and Consultant, with a background in Estate Management, in the Nigerian Creative Industry He is a force to be reckoned with, As an Expert in the art of branding, very humble and an Amazing mentor to a number of Creatives, He gives us practical tips and actionable nuggets on the Art of Branding and building brand personas, you just have to listen to today’s episode over and over again. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

 “Understanding strategy from the marketing point of view and how you can infuse design with marketing to increase sales will stand you out”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
The moment you share experience, share your story, people will trust and like; eventually they will do business with you
Design by itself doesn’t sell anything.
The perceived value of what businesses want to do is to make more money.
You must master how you can use design to communicate your ideas to help the client make more money
For Mentees – Attitude is everything; there is work to be done, put in the work.
Rejections and people saying no drives me and propels me to do more; I question myself

Demystifying myths
The Myth that because someone has so many years of experience they don’t go through what you are also going through; for every one design we put out there, there are two, three, four we don’t show that the design process has ruined, and they don’t make the cut, We all go through the same challenges, we get to be undervalued by clients at times and get good jobs  sometimes, At whatever phase you are in presently and you are looking at someone above you; just know we face similar challenges, the difference is the veteran most times gets paid more for their time.

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Show Notes:
Yox the Professor on Instagram – @thisisyox
Resources and books for Designers from Yox the Professor – http://thisisyox.com/
One Nigeria Series – http://thisisyox.com/one-nigeria/
Africa is Not a Country Series – http://thisisyox.com/africa/
Yox the Professor’s note to Mentees – http://thisisyox.com/dear-mentee-behave-yourself/
Yox Novero – http://www.yoxnovero.com/
Yox Novero on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/yoxnovero/


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