Episode 036 – Using Rejection as motivation and fuel for success

May 18, 2018

Today’s Guest Mr. Kareem Rahman is an Amazing Designer, you need to see his works and designs, they are amazing, he started to pursue design after his friend refused to teach him how to design, following the path of a Self-Taught designer, He has drastically transformed from the beginner to now he is earning money as a Professional Graphic Designer, He shares his story with us. Today’s episode is filled with a ton of valuable and actionable content do listen and have fun.

“Use your rejections; let it fuel your curiosity and passion to know more”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Consistent practice is the way to become professional at any skill
You require patience and persistence in this career path
You need a sphere of supportive friends; people in your circle that can open doors for you and support you
Constantly staying in the know of what is happening in the industry keeps you relevant and updated
In every difficulty or mistake there is always a lesson
Collaboration and Team work will pay more, like we could achieve much more faster with help
Don’t get to a point where you feel that there is nothing to learn, learning is growing… (Keep the ego in check)

Demystifying myths
The Myth that Designers are Wizards is wrong, as Designers we get inspired from a lot of things, we draw inspiration from other things existing and create Awesome designs.

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Show Notes:
Kareem Rahman on Instagram- https://instagram.com/iamrhamzy


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