Episode 033 – Starting with the basics and building your way up

April 27, 2018

Today Guest is Amazing, we have joining us today Tsowa Mainasara Al-min, He is a JavaScript and Go Developer who aims to change the world; one line of code at a time. Today he shares with us how starting with the basics and working our way up can be of tremendous value to our paths as Creatives.

“Your imagination is not limited whenever you are programming a computer, these devices have the power to do a lot and with little effort you can get them to do anything”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Stating with and facing seemingly difficult tasks gives us the confidence to proceed and even pick up simpler concept with ease.
Learning standards and basics at the beginning is of crucial importance, it will save you a lot of valuable time and effort.
If you get stuck, take some time out and come back; try and try again. When you leave the challenge you were working on, use that time to learn something new. Everything we do is connected.
What we need more of is community projects, these way we can get more people interested in the tech industry and inspire these people to do more and make them enthusiasts too
To stay updated, I usually get myself in the circle of the developers working on the new stuff

Demystifying myths
The Myth that a certificate gets you the job is partly true, when you come out with a first class result in computer science, you will get the job, but to keep this job you need to be able to implement a lot of concepts. Most times in school, the students  that practice and implement  concepts they are taught might be average students and the other students that just get the head knowledge without necessarily implementing; will find reality after school rather shocking.
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Show Notes:
Tsowa Mainasara on Twitter – @neutrino2211


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