Episode 032 – Embracing your own journey and uniqueness

April 20, 2018

Today Guest is Amazing, we have joining us today is the Women TechMaker Lead for GDG Minna, Ms. Gbemileke Anthony, she is so many things in one, a techie, developer, writer and poet. Today she shares with us how our paths are uniquely different, in this episode she challenges a lot of myths we hold about our personalities, our stories and life’s tasks

“Do I have to be a single color, why can’t I be a rainbow; if I am rainbow?”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Accept all of who you are, don’t minimize your abilities to fit into people’s definitions
There is always a learning curve to getting any new skill, you don’t just start and become a pro, remember that this is essentially what life is, give it time and be patient
When people share their up and downs and failings you are encouraged and you know that you are not the dumbest and you are spurred on to keep going
Remember you were once a newbie, be willing to provide mentorship and be honest about your own journey and give advice from your own experience
People will still be people, just be as much of yourself as you can

Demystifying myths
The Myth that you need to have a singular definition of yourself is quite limiting. “Do I need to stifle parts of me to be organized, can’t I be all of me… if you are not just one thing, don’t limit yourself”
Why is there so much pressure to give a specific very succinct singular definition to oneself?
An onion has several layers, but it is still an onion, a sedimentary rock has various strata but it is still a sedimentary rock, this is to say that the sum your parts is greater than the singular entity of you. You can decide to become as much as you desire to be.
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Show Notes:
Do you stay in Minna,  join GDG Minna – @ minna.gdg.ng, meetup.com/gdgminna


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