Episode 024 – Time, Processes and Limiting beliefs

February 23, 2018

Today’s Guest Mary Alenoghena is a phenomenal mind, a passionate event planner, a Graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Benin, she is the founder Tech Queens Development Initiative and she has organized and co-organized several Django workshops in different cities in Nigeria, she is passionate about women empowerment and also getting more women involved in tech. She shares from her wealth of experience with organizing these events, the challenges and lessons she has picked. This is one episode you would want to listen to more than once.

“When you start something good, the feedback motivates you to do more…”
My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
You build problem solving skills with experience you get from doing
If you plan well and have a back up plan; with time you improve on the quality of projects you deliver
The little things and little wins counts; it all adds up
You can do anything you put your mind to…
The fact that you are not coding does not mean you cannot be in tech
You need to be intentional about anything you want to achieve in life or career
Don’t be afraid of failure… Without failure and learning from your mistakes, you can’t succeed
A tree doesn’t come up in a day, it takes time.

“Making programming fun and something ladies and girls can do…”,
“A whole lot of people would love to learn and acquire new skills, they might not just have equal opportunities…”
Demystifying the Myths
There is an unconscious barrier built by society, stereotypes and views about what kind of careers women and ladies can and can’t do… this is wrong, If we all do what we can, where we are, we can change stereotypes and change limiting beliefs

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This has been an amazing and enlightening episode, I trust that you have picked a ton of value from today’s episode, do have an Amazing Weekend, I will see you next Week.


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