Episode 023 – Community Building, Online Security and More

February 16, 2018

Today’s Guest is a tech enthusiast, a passionate community builder with Minna Tech Meetup, a Web Developer and he also an Online Security Research, plenty valuable and actionable content. Picking programming for him was a way to tackle boredom and it became more than just an escape from boredom, it has become a passion and a way to contribute meaningfully to the tech community and offer value. He shares with us his story and experiences and offered valuable information about online security.

“Even if you read all the books and can’t express what you’ve learnt, you are still static…”
My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
Consciously asking questions plays a huge role in your journey into the world of tech.
Keep regrets away from you, always know that you are still up for great things and new opportunities.
Your experiences plays important roles in shaping who you become. Let your experiences rub off on people positively
Seek advice from people trained to test your software for vulnerabilities
Try as much as possible to ignore suspicious and spam messages, look out for spelling errors in URLs of websites you visit
Try to protect your data, be cautious of the kind of data you put on the internet
Prioritizing and writing things down, does a lot for you, no matter how busy a schedule you have
Outsourcing also does a lot for you

“It is better to be cautious than careless…”,
The safest system is a system that is not on, as long as any communication gadget is on, it is vulnerable”

Demystifying the Myths
The myth that women cannot be programmers or there are some fields that ladies can’t thrive in, this is false, I urge every female tech enthusiast to go for it, women can be really dedicated to tasks and they can factor in a lot of things in whatever the do, you can be anything you want to be as long as you are committed and dedicated.

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This has been an amazing and enlightening episode, I trust that you have picked a ton of value from today’s episode, do have an Amazing Weekend, I will see you next Week.


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