Episode 022 – It always takes time, trust your process

February 9, 2018

Today’s Guest is the phenomenal Umar Saidu Auna, He is the Program Manager for GDG Minna, an Android developer, a Java Fan and JSON Lover and a committed community developer.  He dives deep into his story and how he got started in programming and community development

“Stop asking yourself when will I ever get to that level, know that everything takes time… ”
My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
We all have that phobia of changing to a new technology, but don’t let it stop you.
When stuck, it is okay to ask questions
Having mentors and support structures will make your journey a lot easier
The Experts and Professionals started from someone
It takes time, so be patient with your own process

“Looking at people who are already doing what we intend to do, gives us hope and confidence that we would also be able to achieve such feats ”

Demystifying the Myths
The myth; When comes to bugs; people think bugs are the problem; most times people have this imposter syndrome and this usually plays out more when there is a bug and its refusing to be fixed; you have to realize that having bugs in the code is part of the process; when we fix them we get better at fixing them.

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This has been an amazing and enlightening episode, I trust that you have picked a ton of value from today’s episode, do have an Amazing Weekend, I will see you next Week.


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