Episode 020 – Myths about Executing and Learning

January 26, 2018

Asma’u is a Java Scala software developer and an amazingwriter. She has an amazing personality, and has also had experiences buildingscalable and maintainable enterprise applications. She holds a BSc in SoftwareEngineering and a MSc in Information Technology and most recently she startedthe Kode Kamp Initiative (an initiative for kids 7-17 years to learn and becometechnology creators and innovators). In this episode she talks about herjourney and demystifies a lot of myths about learning and executing onprojects.

My Take Away’s FromToday’s Episode:
You don’t have to be in a school setting to learnsomething new, there are no limits
You don’t have to the entire picture in yourmind before you start, you could have a basic roadmap and follow your passion,it leads to amazing places
Its okay to have doubts, but don’t let it stopyou. You just have to keep working hard.
One of the ways to fight impostor syndrome is toremind yourself of what you have done and what you can do.
Whatever you do, make sure your reasons areright and trust me it will work for the best.
Demystifying theMyths
The myth another that says coding is hard is lying to you. Ifyou believe you can learn you can learn, you will encounter challenges, but youhave to be patient with your own process, everyone moves at their own pace. Thereis no sure way of learning something.
I really want to apologize to our Player FM, Stitcher Radio andiTunes subscribers, I am having issues with my audio file host and I am workingto fix it, for today’s episode you need to stream from your browser or yourphone, do bear with us while we work on this, thanks for your most neededcooperation.
The internet is your friend, you can always learn anything,
you can find anything you. As long as you are moving, don’t doubt yourself. 

Show Notes
Asmau Aliyu on Twitter: https://twitter.com/switslim
Kode Kamp Initiative:
Contact Kode Kamp Initiative: abuja.kodekamp@coderdojo.com


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