Episode 015 – On Pricing Models and being Professional

December 15, 2017

Today’s Guest Mr. Emmanuel Enemaku is the Co-founder of Projaro, Product Designer – Civic Innovation Lab and a Co-Organizer for Usable UX Abuja (A Meetup for UI/UX Designers in Abuja). Mr. Emmanuel has been in the Creative Industry for well over 12 years. Coming from an era where placing a name on what He does was a challenge, he navigated those times to become the Creative Professional he is today. He shares with us his journey and tips for pricing models and being professional.

My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
If you have the passion, you will find ways and reasons to express yourself Creatively.
Don’t allow anything stop you, do not wait till an opportune moment, or when you go to a school before you start doing and practicing. Pick up some
You want to be creative, good; expose yourself to meetups, conferences, workshops, classes you owe yourself that exposure
Don’t fold your hands and expect knowledge to fall on you
Don’t get to a point where you plateau or get satisfied, your satisfaction should be the satisfaction of the person you are working for or the person you are working with.
Push yourself and hone your Creative muscles, till a point where it becomes second nature
You are a professional the moment you start giving value and receiving value. Calling yourself a professional helps you take a vantage point and you
Fail quickly, so you can excel faster.
Be professional, always sign contracts, let your contract state the deliverables and timelines.
Keep your promises as low as possible, don’t over promise


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