Episode 009 – Collaboration, Community; Growth Hacks for Developers

November 3, 2017

Today’s episode features a Frontend Legend and an Amazing Software Developer, Mr. Okechukwu Ifeora, an Entrepreneur and software developer at Omniswift with loads and loads of experience in User centered design and as a self taught developer there are lots of lessons to draw from his journey. To go far in this creative field and any other field you need to love what you do… You have to be committed to your journey, deciding that I can’t afford to let myself down, that inner push helped me”

My Take-Aways from today’s Episode:
Being part of a community is diamond for any software developer, you are around a body of knowledge that compliments you and you also compliment them…
A community gives you a group of people talented in there various spheres, and something rubs off on you by interaction and sharing of knowledge
There are different paths to take in picking a career in Software Development, you have to know and understand the way you learn, you have to match your own personal capabilities and the way you approach learning…
Mentorship is critical and necessary; it can be direct or indirectly: directly in person or indirectly via blog posts, lectures, tweets etc.
Communities can help with mentorship and not just leave mentorship for only individuals…
Mentorship and guidance is not just for beginners; other developers seeking growth need ways


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