Episode 11 – On being Strategic as a Creative

November 16, 2017

On being Strategic as a Creative. As a Design and Logo Legend – Leslie Williams has strategically positioned himself as a Force to be reckoned with in the Creative Industry, trust me he really does the work; from his online interactions, Playbook Tv, Layrz blog, Mr. Leslie Williams is an Executor; and in today’s episode we look at his story and he shares tons of actionable content on strategies for staying relevant in the Creative Industry…

That ain’t right – (New Segment)
And we have got a new segment of the Creative’s Chronicles called That ain’t right – This segment is about demystifying the Myths around and about the Creative Industry, and today’s myths as demystified by the Boss Himself… (1). Photoshop is not a button and it is not your only tool; there are a variety of tools you can use as a Designer… (2). Just believing the if you design it they will come; it doesn’t happen that way… You have to be strategic and purposeful about your marketing


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