Episode 064 – Processes for optimized project delivery

December 13, 2018

Today’s Guest is Phenomenal, Mr. Bulama Yusuf is the founder and chief software architect at Intellectual Apps. He has led numerous training sessions within and outside Nigeria and is the current coordinator for the Google Developer Group and Java User’s Group in Abuja. Mr. Bulama Yusuf shared with us his intro story into the world of tech, we talked about Communication between team members and clients, the agile methodology of development, running an Agency and more. Do listen, share with a friend and have an Amazing Weekend!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
 The skill to learn, being able to identity a problem and learn ways to solve these puzzles is what stands you out as a developer.
 Your grit and never say die attitude would serve you well in this career path
 Learning to figure things out is key, you will never really have all the information you need, but you can always figure things out
 Communication and feedback is key for successful completion of projects, be sure your entire team is on the same page and have a clear understanding of project details
 Processes are important; having a clearly defined process optimizes project delivery.

Announcement: Amazing News for intending Podcasters (Something Phenomenal is in the works), do stay tuned!

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Show Notes:
Mr. Bulama on Twitter – https://twitter.com/bulsyusuf
Intellectual Apps on Twitter – https://twitter.com/intapps
Intellectual Apps Website – www.Intellectualapps.com


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