Episode 059 – Before You Intern listen to this

November 9, 2018

Today’s Guest is Phenomenal, He is a Brand Consultant and the Lead Graphic Designer at Media Range Ltd, joining us is Mr. Onuora Onianwa, He shared his Design journey with us and we take a dip dive into working with interns and how he measures progress in internships, trust me most of the strategies he mentioned could be applied to almost any creative task you engage in, so regardless of whether you are an intern or not there are tips to be gleaned

Notes from Today’s Episode:
 Ideas starts in your mind
 Listening is a skill, develop it
 As an intern or any kind of designer, your ability to take feedback is second to none
 Treat your interns how you would want to be treated, it is wrong to be demeaning; there are ways to communicate how you feel without being demeaning
 Remember that anything great takes time and process to be accomplished, don’t expect it to happen overnight

Listen Now:

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Show Notes:
Follow Mr. Onuora Onianwa on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/iamonuora/

Mr. Onuora’s email – aiyke@iamonuora.com


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