Episode 054 – Gaining Confidence as a Creative

September 20, 2018

Today Guest is Amazing, she is a Motion Designer and also a Brand Identity Designer, we have joining us Debbie Bashorun. Today she shares her Design journey with us and also gives practical tips for handling self-doubt, becoming confident and much more. Do listen, share with a friend and have Fun!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
You might be in different stages in career with some of the designers you compare your work with, be patient with your process, get feedback, improve and grow.
Be willing to listen and learn
Experience is key, money can’t buy experience. It takes time, trust the process
Don’t be shy to show your work, put it out there and get feedback
Continuous measurable progress boosts your confidence
When you get feedback for your work, separate your personality from the project. The feedback is targeted on making your work better and not on attacking on your person.
Understand yourself, know what works for you and work it

Demystifying myths
The Myth that only Males can be designers is wrong, anybody can design, you need to first want it, then you can go for it. We can master any skill we chose to.
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Show Notes:
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