Episode 053 – Using Process to overcome ‘blocks’

September 14, 2018

Today’s Guest is the mind behind In a Minute series, He is a Motion Designer and also the Creative Director of Schuks Media; joining us today is Somto Schucks Onubogu an amazing Creative Professional. He shared his journey and lessons his picked along the way with us on today’s episode. Do listen and don’t forget to subscribe on your podcasting app.

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Learning goes with doing, it is in practicing that we get better
Pace yourself; you have time, find a good balance between work and every other thing you do
Always have a tested and Process you follow for your projects; this will help you go over blocks
Communication, trust and honest are important for profitable partnerships
For pricing strategy, positioning and value delivery is key
Plus how to become a Motion Designer (Listener pecks)

“If we do not live out our dreams, what’s the point of having them in the first place… – Somto Schucks Onugobu”

Demystifying myths
People tend to underestimate the time and effort required for motion design projects. Amazing projects takes time; but with time and experience you get to deliver motion design projects faster.  Another myth is that Motion design is cheap, this is false and finally whiteboard explainer videos is not Motion Design.
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Show Notes:
Somto on Social – https://www.instagram.com/schucks_/
Schuks Media on Social – https://www.instagram.com/schucksmedia/
Schuks Media – https://www.schucksmedia.com/
Schutterd Media – https://www.instagram.com/schutterdlens/


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