Episode 049 – Communities “Accelerates” Your Growth

August 17, 2018

Mr. Seun Daramola is a friend, brother and a Full Stack Developer at Andela, he embodies passion, I recall him travelling from Lokoja to Abuja to attend Meetups, safe to say community, commitment and passion pays. Today he shares with us his journey and experience and the role communities play in the career of Techies.

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Join a Community, don’t be an island… @seunzone

Focus on a particular career path, this saves you time
The knowledge gotten from the process of trying to attain a goal leaves you more equipped for subsequent goals
Always note that the initial learning curve is different for everyone, know that your journey is different, stay consistent and push through that phase
To advance in career you need to be in circles of people who are doing what you desire, this gives you access to information and resource persons
Sharing our knowledge with others helps them and also creates ripple effects and we are better for it

Demystifying myths
The Myth related to becoming a Senior Developer, the senior developers you see today, were ones beginners, they paid their dues and put in the work; Titles are fine, but don’t feel intimidated or let titles get into your head, forget the titles;  give yourself to learning, the returns will be well worth it.
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Show Notes:
Seun’s Website – www.seunzone.com
Follow Seun on Twitter – @seunzone


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