Episode 048 – To make Progress “Show-UP”

August 10, 2018

Ian Paget is the mind behind Logo Geek, He is a UK based graphic designer located in Manchester, who specialises in logo and brand identity design. He has successfully built a thriving Community of Brand Identity Designers and also hosts the Logo Geek Podcast. Today he shares with us his story and practical tips for handling “Blocks”, getting mentors and thriving as a Creative Professional, do listen and have fun!

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Create a plan and reverse engineer it
The drive to learn more and wanting to get better ultimately pays off
Continually ask questions, participate in communities and keep pushing
Adding value also raises your value in the market place
With a business or anything, you need to have a goal that is beyond working, something you would love to do…

Demystifying myths
Creative block, most times when people hit blocks, they feel they can’t get anything done. Don’t let yourself be trapped because you can’t think of anything clever or new, you can take ideas and structures from other places, work through putting something together, it might not be the most amazing thing, but it is better to do something than nothing, focus on finishing, this way you have made progress.
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Resources Mentioned:
Logo Geek – https://logogeek.uk/
Logo Geek Community – https://logogeek.uk/community
Logo Geek on Twitter – https://twitter.com/Logo_Geek
Ian Paget on Twitter – https://twitter.com/ianpaget


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