Episode 047 – Done is better than perfect

August 2, 2018

Today’s Guest is a 6 time Amazing bestselling author, a business consultant and coach, She has an Amazing personality, Catherine Egwali runs Switemtech, a tech company, she shares practical tips for becoming an Author and running an online business. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

“done is better than perfect – Catherine Egwali 

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Done is better than perfect, you can always update at anytime,
Knowing what to do is essential, be on the lookout for avenues for improvement
Feedback is important; put your work out there early, get feedback and improve
Discipline is essential to achieving success in business, career and life
Previously knowledge might not hold true today; we learn, relearn and unlearn for growth

Demystifying myths
The myth that your book or project has to be perfect is wrong, there is no perfect book, firstly ensure that you have done your best and then get it out there, from feedback you can always learn, improve and have revised editions. The goal is to Keep learning and evolving to becoming better versions of ourselves.

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Show Notes:
Catherine’s Website – https://www.catherineegwali.com
Switemtech – www.switemtech.com
On Social Media– @catherineegwali and @switemtech


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