Episode 046 – Your Health and You

July 27, 2018

Joining us today is an Amazing guest, He is not just a technologist but he is also an Internal Medicine Physician and the Founder of Wellahealth – a tech startup and Digital Health Nigeria – a community of Health tech innovators Dr. Ikpeme Neto. He speaks to us about healthy practices Creatives can adopt in their day to day activities for a healthy life and much more. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

“Your work space should be such that you have a good posture, make sure your screen is at eye level so that you are not bent over, be deliberate about your health – @docneto”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
In the short term you could get muscle strains, back pain from being hunched over, the thing to be aware of is to make sure you are in a comfortable posture, make sure your chair is good and use a chair that is nice and comfortable and take frequent breaks, atleast after every hour, take 10 minutes break.
Take out time to exercise at least 30 minutes in most days of the week, you need to exert yourself so that your heart rate jumps and you sweet a little.
You can get apps that help with your exercise routine.
Sign up for health insurance
Don’t make assumptions about your health, make your health a priority
Eat healthy foods, be deliberate about your meals, plan it out, reduce portion size and drink a lot of water.

Demystifying myths
A lot of us in Nigeria ascribe a lot of health care stuff to superstitious and religious basis when they are actually physical things that happen and can be treated, some people would say only sinners get sick but that is not true, anyone can get sick and can be treated, please listen to what your doctor says about your health.

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Show Notes:
WellaHealth – https://www.wellahealth.com/wellapatient/
Dr. Neto on Twitter – https://twitter.com/docneto
WellaHealth on Twitter – https://twitter.com/WellaHealth


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