Episode 045 – Digital Marketing and Politics

July 19, 2018

Joining us today is Johno Ormond, a business owner working in New Zealand, he runs a Digital Marketing Agency (Dalia Media) and His Agency also does political marketing. He speaks to us about his travels, journey and experiences, he also shared detailed and actionable content on digital marketing for businesses and political marketing. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

“Your clients become disinterested in your services if it doesn’t produce the desired result”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
You don’t necessarily have to do big things, to do work that matter, you could do the little things; Its just Local actors doing the best they can that shape the world
Hone in on one niche, make money for your clients; produce results for campaigns you engage in
Simple is better
There a lot of tools available, ensure you are not chasing vanity projects that yield no results, use the tools available to you
Make sure your offer is good and that you demonstrate Credibility

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Show Notes:
Dalia Media – http://www.daliamedia.com/


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