Episode 044 – Building an Agency

July 12, 2018

Today’s Guest is a Mentor and Boss – Mr. Charles Dairo, He is the Founder and CEO – CKDigital, A Digital Agency in Lagos – Nigeria, He joins us today and shares on practical tips for building an Agency, getting started in career as a Creative and he also shared with us how he got his Agency’s website to rank on Google’s first page “trust me CKDigital’s SEO game is on-point”, today’s episode is practical. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

“There is always a market for value, as long as you are adding value; you will remain in business – @Charles_dairo” #thecreativeschronicles

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Don’t wait to be spoon-fed, take initiative and own your learning and progress
Be active about learning; learning never ends
Bring value to the table, there is something you can do
Beginnings most times might not be easy, being passionate and patient will yield bountiful dividends in time
Take ownership of whatever you do, wherever you are
Being a Freelancer and running an Agency is totally different, there are so many things needed to run an Agency – Leadership skills, client management, finance and a host of other things

Demystifying myths
There are some myths about business and Entrepreneurship; if you want to go into business, you need to understand that Business is work, you will work harder than the average person, wake earlier than the average person, but if you are really passionate about business, in time it is going to be worth it, you will need to be patient. Three important things to note is that you need to be Passionate, Competent and once there is a market for your product and/or service you will thrive.

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Show Notes:
CKDigital Website – https://www.ckdigital.net/
CKDigital Academy – www.ckdigitalacademy.com
CKDigital on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ckdigital/
CKDigital on Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/ckdigital/


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