Episode 043 – Client Relationship Management and untold stories

July 6, 2018

Today’s Guest is an Amazing Personality, Barisuka Craig, He is a Software Engineer, Customer Experience Advocate and a Boss in the Industry. He speaks to us about his journey and from his wealth of experiences and also gives us actionable tips for client relationship management, growth and career improvement, today’s episode is practical. Do listen, leave comments and have fun.

“Keep trying it is going to get better, keep trying to develop yourself; do know that what you know today will be obsolete tomorrow, never settle”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Always keep an open mind, know that you don’t know everything
Hand hold your client till you make the sale
We need to do more sharing our stories so people can see behind the scenes and learn
People will always have their opinions and notions about you, that should not stop you
Communication is key for maintaining good client and customer relationship
Make sure you give your customer the best experience, they will come back
Wow your customer, they will come back for more – Barisuka Craig

Demystifying myths
The Myth most clients have and think your job should be cheap because you are a Nigerian and this is wrong; as a professional you can bill rates that are okay with you, place a premium on what you do, people value premium.  

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Show Notes:
Barisuka Craig on Facebook – https://web.facebook.com/craigprinsprofile97


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