Episode 038 – Don’t let your FEARS limit You

May 31, 2018

Today’s Guest, Mr. Michael Benson Ewesor is a Graphic Designer, Tutor and Design Boss, He shared with us his journey into the world of design, he also shared how he faced his fears; working with clients, taking on projects and much more, Do listen and have fun.
“Simplicity is sophistication”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Seeing people do something can inspire and spur us on to achieve awesomeness, you can draw out inspiration from people
Down times is nothing new, the hope and believe in better days coming make you take on challenges
Perseverance and being passionate are two ingredients that will make a world of difference to any career
Fear can cripple and limit your abilities
The role of Mentorship in career growth cannot be overemphasized, get mentors!
Explore and take risks, finally don’t forget self-confidence…

Demystifying myths
The Myth that Graphic Design as a professional is subpar is wrong. Graphic Design is a noble profession, everything we see was designed. We are not just pixel pushers, As Designers we proffer solutions to businesses and individuals. And there is a future for design globally, so intending Creatives should not be afraid or intimidated. Do you!

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Show Notes:
Michael Benson Ewesor on Instagram – @michael_bensonewesor


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