Episode 037 – Creating a Goal for your Career propels you past the challenges

May 25, 2018

Today’s Guest, Mr. Raji Abdulgafar, He is a Programmer, Python lover, Certified Ethical Hacker, Community Developer, Digital Forensics Expert and in the recently concluded NaijaSecCon his team (L.I.G S3C) came out as the first runner up, He is a passionate and curious researcher, he  shares his story with us. Do listen and have fun.
 “I don’t focus on the challenges, if I focus on the challenge I won’t move on”
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Your curiosity and desire to figure out how things work propels you to probe and understand the underlying principles behind a lot of things
For users security ensure you are logged in and viewing the right website you intend to visit
Avoid code redundancy; Write a simple code
Don’t chose a dictionary word as your password or anything related to your personal life e.g. street name, names of your loved ones. They are easy to crack; ensure to change your passwords periodically. Never use a password for multiple accounts, so in case one of them is compromised, the other accounts are still secured
You could secure your network by filtering file sharing across a network and also use VPNs
Have a Vision and a Goal you are working towards (A big picture for your career), it propels you past your challenges.

Demystifying myths
The Myth that all hackers are bad, I don’t seem to know where they got that from. Well, maybe in movies they see the guy behind the black and green screen. This is not true, an ethical hacker is someone who legally attempts to break into a computer system or network in order to find its vulnerability (weakness) and secure it.
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Show Notes:
Abdulgafar Raji on Twitter – @mrgaphy


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