Episode 031 – Criticism is the building block for career growth

April 13, 2018

Today Guest is Amazing, we have joining us Mr. Omole Samuel, he is a full stack web developer and Freelancer, a coding instructor and an IT Consultant, currently based in Abuja, he started out as an Embedded Systems Programmer and then moved on to become an external coding instructor for various private schools and today he is a Freelance Web Developer. Today he shares with us how we could use criticisms as building blocks for career growth and also how community can be the best thing that can happen to any developer.
Notes from Today’s Episode:
Programming languages are like spoken languages, the way to get good at it, is to speak it, keep using it till you get fluent in it.
Soft skills matter a lot in this technical field, I actually believe that 20% is your skill set and 80% is the soft skills; your presentation, relationship skills etc.
Community is the best thing that can happen to a programmer; you literally have a group of persons with different stories and different perspectives; it’s not just about your skill, it’s about the community around you.
Criticism is what we need for growth, don’t be defensive, use the criticism and let it becoming building blocks for your growth
When you are just starting out, try and block out distractions, this will aid your growth
Most times generalizations people have shaped the narratives people hold and our world views. Don’t let such limiting beliefs hold you back, you can handle as much as you can dream up; you can evolve and get better
You need to know how to create balance and turn off, this way you can build healthy relationships with friends, family and people in general

Demystifying myths
The Myth that you cannot do a lot and be good at it, our brains can actually take as much as we would give it, polyglot programmers and multi-potentialite talented persons is prove to this concept of being able to thrive in more than one field. “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”  You can master more than one skill; you are well able.
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Show Notes:
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