Episode 030 – Making a Business out of what you do

April 6, 2018

Today we have an Amazing personality joining us, we have an Online Business Coach, Social Media Legend Mr. Phenomenal Himself, Mr. John Obidi… aka Daddy J. O. a few of his attributes, He is good looking, has an Amazing sense of Humour, Avance Media 2017 Most Influential Young Nigeria in Personal Development and Academia category and He is the Commander in Chief of Smart B. Camp.  Everyone has something, you have a gift, you need to find out how that super power is relevant in today’s economy. He shared with us that it pays to be open minded. Keep moving, trust the process, and believe that one day, your path will trust you enough to stop testing you. There is always something to learn from the winding path, it can be the thing that leads to the thing, that leads to the thing…

Notes from Today’s Episode:
Do not be seduced by doctrine that pats you on the back for weakness and mediocrity; by philosophies that encourage you to ‘remain as you are’.
Being a techie gave me that capability to shape-shift and thrive in various industries
These problems have always been around here, but if you want it bad enough there is always a way; I don’t look at the challenges but the solutions…
I believe that programmers should be the richest group of people in Nigeria, if only they knew how to monetize solutions…
Most programmers get it wrong from the beginning, they start out thinking of selling their time as a service; you should be looking at the market place for a software need and since you have the skills; you then create the solutions for these needs; after doing this you need to learn how to take that product to market; one way to take your product to the market is through Facebook ads… You can monetize through Admob and or licensing
To stay updated you can stay subscribed to the most relevant email lists in your field, stay subscribed to YouTube channels and attend Meetups, have Twitter lists about particular categories etc.
There are low costs ways of starting out; there is Microsoft Bizspark, you need to learn to bootstrap, you can also launch your app in market places like JVZoo and get subscribers to your solutions, you don’t need money, you just have to be more innovative
To get anything you need to be able to express yourself intelligently, step out of your comfort zone and learn these things, learn to speak, get in to places that require you to express yourself
Handle the inevitable rejection like it’s simply a rite of passage. You have to be willing to look like a fool for a period of time. This is the price that you must pay.

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Show Notes:
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Books Mentioned
As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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