Episode 029 Be Intentional about your actions and choices

March 29, 2018

Today we have the Billionaire Designer himself, a minimalist designer and a Brand Identity Expert, if you see his work and projects they are just awesome, you will be wowed by the level of excellence in his works and projects. He shares with us how he started out as a Marine Sailor and was able to successful navigate and switch to become the professional Designer he now is. He intentional chose this Design Career and also shares from his wealth of experience.

Notes from Today’s Episode:
You can’t satisfy everybody, not everybody will buy-in to your solutions
Design is relative, one thing that looks good for you, might not look good to the next person
Document your idea properly and present it in a way that the client sees how it solves their problem, remember to provide value for the client first…
It was an experimental journey for me, I had to do a lot of trial and error…
In this industry, you need to stay updated and continually research on ways of improvement…

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