Episode 028 – Code to solve problems

March 23, 2018

Today’s Guest is the Computer Vision Prodigy, a Data Scientist and a passionate Developer Abdulmaleek Mustapha Abdullahi, this young man is phenomenal, he has crazily awesome ideas, I was in awe of the kind of ideas he shared, this is one episode you have to listen to.

“After learning, create fun projects, solve your own problems and then you can start earning…”
There is no rush, you can always learn, remember you have to be patient…

“AI is the new electricity” said Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera and an adjunct Stanford professor who founded the Google Brain Deep Learning Project

“The modern AI is modeled after how the brain works, you show a computer this and it learns to create that…”
“When I started programming I had no access to the internet, I don’t want the next generation to suffer like I suffered, I want access to information and learning resources to be free…”
“The AI we have now is AI that works with humans and solve problems…”
I trust you have picked some actionable nuggets from today’s episode, do execute and have fun.

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