Episode 025 – Our abilities and capabilities are limitless

March 2, 2018

Today’s Guest, Bolanle Banwo is a brand Identity designer from Lagos, Nigeria. She helps brands tell compelling stories via creative designs. Much of her work is centered around helping small and medium businesses create smart impressions and build strong identities via good communication designs. Bolanle is the Founder and Lead Creative at the Female Designer Movement, an initiative she launched with a mission to train and equip women with design skillset and thereby help increase the number of women in the Nigerian Technology ecosystem. She may be found online on Instagram @bolanle.banwo, where she occasionally shares her work and projects. She talks about how the choices we make shape our world view and realities and loving what we do.

“Creativity is the person and process not just the tools…”

My Take Away from Today’s Episode
Our experiences shape us for the journey ahead
Most times we underestimate our abilities and capabilities
Once we get a taste of what we can do and the value we bring, the possibilities are limitless
To design you need to study other people’s design, know what works in them and improve on your own style
Just keep on doing what you know best to do, stay committed and dedicated, it will pay off.

Demystifying the Myths
The myth that females cannot thrive in Tech or design is wrong, women and ladies are well able and capable to thrive in the Creative Industry.

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Ps: I sincerely apologize for the audio quality today, I am currently relocating and moving to a new apartment, so I am trying to get properly set-up. Working on delivery phenomenal value. You Rock!


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