Episode 021 – Insights into Legal Matters for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

February 2, 2018

Today’s Guest is Barr. Ifeoma Ben; a Legal Consultant, an Author and Founder of the Legal Business Network, she is also a Partner at Eminence Solicitors where she helps Entrepreneurs and Start-ups build legally protected businesses. She dives deep into contracts, agreements and legal issues as it relates to Independent Contractors/Freelancers, Agencies and businesses. This episode is filled so plenty valuable and actionable content.

“it is easier to prove things that are written and documented, than trying to prove oral conversations…”
My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
Online contracts may not cover the peculiar circumstances of your particular transaction. It is better to consult and engage a legal practitioners
Arbitration is an informal way (It is outside the regular court setting) of dealing with disputes and its binding on the parties to such a dispute.
Mediation is only binding when the parties agree to its terms.
Electronically generated evidences are admissible in Nigerian courts
Areas to be covered for any transaction depends on the area of specialization or the nature of the business transaction.
For you to lay claims on intellectual property, you need to have rights over those property.
A sole proprietor is not require to remit Company Income Tax
A Limited Liability Company is a separate legal entity from his/her business.

“Arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism where a 3rd party ‘The Arbitrator’ hears the ”

Demystifying the Myths
The myth; a lot of startups think that engaging a Legal Practitioner is a luxury or something they can do without and they do a lot of things without seeking legal counsel and this usually cost them in the long run.  There are a lot of Legal Practitioners that are out there willing to work with Startups at whatever stage of business they are in, it pays in the long run to start well and do the right things.

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This has been an amazing and enlightening episode, I trust that you have picked a ton of value from today’s episode, do have an Amazing Weekend, I will see you next Week.

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