Episode 019 – State of the Creative Clan

January 19, 2018

Hello, Good morning, good day, welcome to the Creatives’ Chronicles, this is the podcast that tells the stories of creative professionals, giving you the information and motivation to get started, stay focused and thrive as a Creative Professional. My name is Bright Emeka and I am your host. For this episode we will be talking about the State of the Creative Clan, yeah; this is our Road Map for 2018. What to expect from us this year at the Creative’s Chronicles

I am currently talks with –
Finance Management Experts
Thriving Entrepreneurs and business owners, who would be sharing their stories and telling us how to Start and Bootstrap an Agency
Public Speaking Experts
Writing Experts
Legal Experts, that will be answering our legal questions,
Client Attraction Experts
Sales and Marketing Experts
Business Coaches and a host of other experts.
I am also in talks with Bosses in the Creative Industry and this year we are bringing our A Game

I want you to do three things for me today,
Join our Facebook Community, Like our Page, Join the new Creative Clan Facebook Group (More information on this next week (Link in the show notes) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/326067707907579/
Secondly, I want to send me an email or direct message on any platform you are comfortable with on areas you want us to cover this year and possibly suggest guest you want us to have on this show.
You want to be a guest on this show – visit https://goo.gl/forms/BwYnQYVITz9FzB0w2 and fill out the form

We would return to our Guest and other Experts next week, My name is Bright Emeka, remember the only way to get better is to execute, execute on your dreams, goals, visions and project. Keep expanding your mind and stretching, you really don’t know how far you can go, till you start.
I will see you next week.


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