Episode 018 – Client Attraction and Content creation strategies

January 12, 2018

Today’s Guest is an Online Business Coach and Speaker, the #1 bestselling author of “The Diamond in Your Closet” and a book publishing consultant for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives and Public Figures. He is a trained medical doctor and also the Founder/CEO of Income and Impact Academy – a personal income explosion organization designed to help individuals turn their gifts, passion and skills into a viable source of income while making an indelible impact in the world. He dives deep into content creation and client attraction strategies. This episode is filled so many actionable content and value.

My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
You need to find out what works best for your ideal audience, how frequently they can consume your content and how much time they can devote to consuming your content.
Find out what most people are not seeing in your industry and then deliver your content strategically
You can create content based on FAQs – what are people asking about
SAQs too – Should Ask Questions – You know some questions people should be asking but they aren’t.
A good strategy is to teach the WHAT and sell the HOW
Not everyone can be your client. We all have group of persons we are attracted to. Find out you want to be a hero to and focus on that segment
Which group do you fit into easily, when people can connect with you; they can purchase from you.

“A good strategy is to teach the WHAT and sell the HOW”


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