Episode 016 – Imperfect Execution and the feedback loop

December 22, 2017

Today’s Guest Mr. Mustapha M. Garba is the Community Manager for GDG Bayero University, a Python and Web Developer. He shares with us his journey and experiences. Imperfect execution and putting yourself out in the open makes it easy to get feedback and improve yourself; in the end it is your own journey, not anyone’s, you have to own it and take responsibility. If you wait till you are perfect; you might wait forever.

My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
Our environment plays an important and vital role in pushing us and influencing our choices and decisions
Our time is finite, there is so much to do; you need to understand that you cannot learn everything and you cannot do everything; there is only so much you can do at a time. You need to learn how to manage time effectively.
You need to be clear about what you really want
You plateau without mentorship, you need to have people that push and force you to level up and do more
We need to stop at various points in our journey and take stock of what you have learnt so far and find ways to use these knowledge
Put yourself out there; create stuff and put it out, let people see it; use it and give you feedback, this is how you grow
Execute imperfectly first, if you wait till you are perfect before you ship; you might wait forever.
Figure out the best methods that aids your learning. Play on your strengths and improve


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