Episode 014 – Self Evaluation and Taking Stock

December 8, 2017

Today’s Guest Mr. Israel Obiagba is a Frontend Developer, a Trainer with RelearnNG, an Educator with CodeSparkNG and a Co-Organizer for UXAbuja (A Meetup for UI/UX Designers in Abuja). He is a proponent of having Structures and Processes, he also speaks about ways of tracking activities for measuring productivity and progress. When we take stock and track the things we do; we are then able to evaluate our progress and measure our productivity.

My Take Away’s From Today’s Episode:
It is the amount of focused time you put into your work that really determines your productivity.
Creating systems that allow for regular checks and accountability
The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself about your current status in career or in life
Consistency is one of the sure ways to get a new habit engrained in your system
Habits are formed by our routines, and we have the ability and can make up our minds to create routines that counters negative habits
Understand yourself and find your base consistency point (the barest minimal effort you can put in regularly and consistently). 25mins a day for A month adds up cummulatively
Have a strategy and a structure (Stracture) Strategy – What is Your plan, structure – gives your plan a sequence.
You need to research and study Mentors and the Greats that have gone ahead
Research and find out about various models of personal learning e.g. Dreyfus Model
You need to learn from the best to be better than the best.


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