Episode 007 – Client Attraction and Consistency

October 20, 2017

In today’s episode I talk with Mr. Believe Stanley, He is a Brand Developer and Visionary TREND (The Real Entrepreneur Next Door). We discuss issues relating to onboarding new clients and strategies you could for client attraction, retaining and nurturing Clients. We had confession sessions too (eh eh), we talked about issues we are struggling with and ways we are working to deliver consistent value.

My Take Aways From This Episode
CONSISTENCY and Continuous Growth; there are mindsets, limiting beliefs and practices that keep us on a stagnated, for things to change, our thought process needs to change.
Being Honesty and straightforward with your client pays in the long run, it might hurt but in the end you are reliable and consistent.
Always maintain a line of communication with Clients and everyone working on a project, the benefits are well worth it.
You have know and understand who your client really is… this foster better relationships
You have to offer value and when you clients can see and understands the benefits that accrues to his/her business from your service you get referrals and repeat business.


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