Episode 003 – Your Passion and Interests determines how far you go

September 22, 2017

John Ebireri is a Software Developer and the Head of I.T, Louis Valentino Nigeria Limited a world-class trading franchise…. Visit Louis Valentino’s website – http://louisvalentino.net/.
In today’s episode we talk about How and why Mr. John Ebireri chose the Creative Profession
My Take-Aways from today’s Episode
You are most likely going to excel in areas where you are passionate and have a natural interest in….
Its okay not to “get it” the first time…
The best way to learn, is to teach it
It is unnecessary to memorize syntaxes, just find out how and why
When starting pick a language/technology that is relevant today…
have to be honest with yourself about your current abilities and commit to get better…


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