Bethel Ofuyatan, Founder of WhiteSpace Inc – Part One

March 8, 2021

Today’s episode is very special and we are joined by the Amazing Bethel Ofuyatan. Bethel is a Designer and founder of WhiteSpace Inc, a design education platform focused on intelligence, creativity and innovation. Her work and contributions are truly phenomenal!

WhiteSpace Inc provides access to materials on design ranging from videos to books to resources and a community for designers including newbies and experts.

In this and the next episode we talk all about her journey and Amazing contributions to the ecosystem.

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Bethel’s Behance Profile
Bethel on Twitter


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  1. Ojile

    Wow this inspiring. I’m super pleased to listen. My desire to be a designer has been awaken, please how can i get access to the resources available at white space to kick start ?


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